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Commercial Design and Remodeling

Commercial Design And Remodeling

Atlas Build Corp. specializes in all aspects of commercial design and remodeling and our team is equipped to handle projects of all scopes and complexities.

We pride ourselves on being an in-house design and build commercial construction company that is ready to take on any project. With every project, we ensure that your commercial space is meeting the needs and vision of your growing business so that clients and customers can have a positive reaction when walking into your commercial establishment.

When you choose to invest in commercial design and remodeling services, you are choosing to optimize your location’s functionality while creating a modern appeal for your clients to enjoy.

The project manager that will be assigned to your project will ensure that your construction project remains on time and budget. And, in order to make your space truly one of a kind, our team would be happy to incorporate custom elements so that we can truly bring your vision to life.

Distinguish yourself from the competition and choose to have commercial design and remodeling services completed.


Expertise and Experience
With years of experience in the renovation & construction industry, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project we undertake.
Quality Craftsmanship
Our team of skilled professionals takes immense pride in delivering top-notch craftsmanship, ensuring that every detail of your renovation is executed to perfection.
Tailored Solutions
Our approach involves working closely with you to understand your vision and create a customized renovation plan that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Design & Remodel

The first step of your commercial construction project is to plan a design for the space. Atmosphere, functionality, and engagement are everything when it comes to a commercial location. For this reason, it’s best to have our professionals on board so that we can help you establish a look, feel, and layout that makes sense. Through design precision and quality craftsmanship, our team is sure to deliver exceptional outcomes that you can be proud of.

Whether your project is for retail construction, office renovation, medical construction, etc. – our team is here to help your space stand out.

Commercial Design And Remodel Service

Benefits of a Commercial Design & Remodel

If your commercial space has become outdated, it’s time that you invest in your property and make a change that will not only increase your property value but add value to clients who enter your space. A commercial upgrade can enhance the visual appeal of your business to clients and it can end up attracting more customers and clients. You would be surprised about how far a new design can go. Employees can also feel more productive in a new more functional space.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Improve layout efficiency
  • Attract more customers
  • Improved brand image and reputation
  • Maximize space with a workable layout
  • Help the business grow

Choose Us for Your Commercial Design & Remodeling

As good companies change over time, it’s important to ensure that your commercial space is adapting and evolving as needed. If you are looking to upgrade your space, consider our commercial design and remodeling services in the GTA.

With 40+ years of experience, our general contractors at Atlas Build Corp. would be happy to book you in for a consultation of your commercial space. Give our team a call today at 647-247-3777 for more information.

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